Services and solutions

With the goal of positioning itself in the market as a Global ICT Partner, AMT has invested heavily, also in order to diversify what it offers the customer horizontally in terms of information technology, developing expertise in various areas of telecommunications and acquiring the most advanced infrastructure.
  • Safe and high-speed internet connectivity
  • Centralized content filtering while browsing
  • Cloud e Colocation
  • E-mail systems in the cloud
  • Antivirus cloud management
  • IT Security
  • Creation of Virtual Private Network intranet / extranet
  • Remotely-controlled use of SaaS application models via internet / intranet
  • Access to application services / intranet / mobile internet via GPRS, GSM, UMTS
  • Creation of local networks and structured cabling
  • Router management services and network monitoring

The integration of the AMT competence centers constitutes the main competitive edge of the company in the cloud computing market and vis-a-vis the target, i.e. public bodies, Institutions, SMEs and Enterprises. On the solid foundation of TLC and Networking services based on proprietary network technology and infrastructure AMT places itself among the few companies in Italy able to offer customized solutions in different modes of delivery.
  • Colocation
    Rental of physical space at the AMT server farm to allow clients to install their own servers instead of keeping and maintaining them at their corporate HQ
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
    Through the virtualization of hardware resources (CPU, RAM, space and network cards), it’s possible to relieve the customer's burden of managing hardware-related issues and the worry of having to ensure high levels of service accessibility.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
    Infrastructure virtualization, leaving the customer the opportunity to develop his application according to the type of service provided and the languages supported by the platform.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
    A software service developed specifically for the customer, on a platform that rests on an infrastructure, all designed, developed and managed by AMT.

Twenty years of experience and continuous updating have resulted in the ability to design complex, large-scale information systems in different sectors.
  • Administration, design and implementation of relational DataBase; development of database-centric applications
  • Development of web-based applications using the most modern framework technologies
  • Design and development of business analytics and data visualization systems
  • Processing of multimedia signals
  • Virtual Reality
  • Building-automation systems and energy monitoring
  • Ambient Assisted Living systems
  • Systems for the quantitative analysis of financial data
  • Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android systems

All’interno dell’offerta “AMT cloud” trovano collocazione le soluzioni rivolte ai clienti "small office/home office" e residenziali, con particolare attenzione ai servizi di telefonia e internet.
AMT Cloud, infatti, vuol dire principalmente telecomunicazione fissa (voce e dati) e accesso veloce ad internet dove non c'è ancora connettività o dove il servizio è carente, grazie all'applicazione di tecnologie wired: VDSL ULL/VULA, FIBRA VDSL, FIBRA OTTICA (FTTH) e di tecnologie wireless: AIRFIBER e HIPERLAN.
Il mondo AMT Cloud, infine, è completato da un'ampia scelta di soluzioni standard dedicate alla casa e agli affari: consulta il sito dedicato per approfondimenti e per conoscere le ultime novità.